Top 10 Reasons to Get a Social Security Card Replacement

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Many people who have their Social Security card lost, damaged or stolen don’t bother ordering a replacement. If this has happened to you, understand there are several situations in which the card will be required (even if you know your number). Here are 10 reasons to get a Social Security card replacement as soon as possible.

1. You Forget Your Number

If you have your Social Security number memorized, you may think you’ll never forget it. But there’s no guarantee of that. Having a Social Security card in a safe place is a good backup.

2. You Want to Open a Bank Account

While some banks only require that you provide your Social Security number, others will want to see your card (or a copy). That’s because identity theft is a major problem, with $15 billion being stolen from U.S. consumers in 2015 alone. Many banks try to prevent this by asking for more documents.

3. You Get a New Job

For tax purposes and background checks, many new employers want to see your Social Security card. It’s better to be prepared and bring the card, as you don’t want to slow the process of starting work.

4. You Need a U.S. Passport

For all passport applications, you are asked to prove your identity. A Social Security card is one document that can help prove you are the person on the passport application. This will make approval and getting that important travel document much easier.

5. You Need Health Insurance

Most of the time, your Social Security number will be enough for health insurers. For security reasons, though, certain insurers may want to see your card (or a copy).

Social Security Card Application

6. You Need Financial Aid for College

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) requires a Social Security number. This makes having your card handy while filling out this form.

7. You Will Go to a New School

High schools, colleges and other learning institutions may ask to see your Social Security card. This is mostly to confirm your identity and ensure nothing fraudulent is occurring.

8. You Want to Apply for a Credit Card

When you apply for a credit card, financial institutions want your Social Security number and possibly a copy of your card as a extra layer of fraud protection. Your Social Security number is to verify your credit-worthiness.

9. You Wish to Apply for a Recreational License

When applying for a hunting license, fishing license or associated permit, you’re required to provide your Social Security number. Having your card on hand makes the process a lot simpler.

10. You Want to Get a Driver’s License

Your DMV may want to know your Social Security number. Again, having your card on hand makes the application process smoother.

Get a New Social Security Card Today

There are numerous times when you may need a Social Security card — and countless other situations when having your card is highly useful. So, if your card has been lost, damaged or stolen, don’t waste time. Get a new Social Security card today.

The process with the Social Security Administration can be complex and time-consuming. helps with the application process with an intuitive questionnaire, detailed instructions, explanation of necessary documents, and phone and email support. Let help you with your Social Security card replacement.



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