Social Security Card Replacement

Social Security Card


Social Security Card Replacement


Losing your social security card is serious business. Not only will you need your social security card to apply for jobs, open a bank account, and many other services, but someone can find your card and steal your identity. As soon as you realize your social security card is missing, take immediate steps to replace it and to protect your identity. Fortunately there are easy ways to get your social security card replacement.


Damaged or Lost Social Security Card

Important documents should be protected in a fire-proof safe in a convenient location. Some people prefer to keep their important paperwork in a safe deposit box at the bank, just in case of a natural disaster, like a hurricane, or a house fire.

Unfortunately, just as many people keep these items in their wallets and purses, or worse, in a random kitchen drawer. They take for granted that obtaining a social security card replacement will be easy — and always available.

While this is typically the case, there are situations that complicate matters. For instance, you need certain documents to prove your identity when ordering a replacement social security card. What happens if all of your paperwork goes missing? Hunting down all your documents in the right order can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive.

There’s another potential roadblock in store for people who are irresponsible with these documents. Unlike copies of a birth or marriage certificate, you can only request so many copies of your social security card. For citizens with cards issued after December 17, 2005, you’re limited to three times in one month, with a lifetime cap of 10 replacements.


Social Security Card Replacement


Normally people have to visit their Local Social Security Office

To request a copy of the social security card, the SSA recommends that you visit your local office to request a replacement. The problem is that you will waste an entire day standing in long lines in order to place your request. What many people don’t realize is that your card will not be issued right away. Instead, it will be mailed to you in about two weeks.

What many people don’t know is that, in all 50 states, you can mail in your form to request your Social Security card. The card will arrive within the same period as if you had applied in person.

The problem is that information about mail in requests are hard to find and complicated to follow. Besides, if you fill out the wrong information, your request you be returned to you and you will need to start the process again.


You can use a third party Social Security Card Replacement preparer

Services like e-forms provide an easy to use interactive online application system that will prepare your necessary forms and tell you which documents you need in order to request your Social Security card. Moreover, it will also indicate your assigned local Social Security office that will review your documents and forms. All from the comfort of your home, without setting foot at any Social Security Administration office. Better yet, you will be sure that your documents are prepared correctly, avoiding starting the process again. You will also have phone support to help you out, something very difficult to get with government agencies.


Stolen Social Security Card

If you believe your social security card has been stolen, you should file a police report right away. You want an official paper trail if someone decides to steal your identity for financial, medical or legal purposes.

You also want to inform the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) that someone has taken your card and may be trying to get a loan in your name. A fraud alert can be placed on your account, so if anyone applies for a credit card, loan or other financing, the lender will know to ask for additional proof of identification.

Losing important information like your social security card puts you at risk, but it also doesn’t have to lead to disaster. The key is reacting quickly and putting measures in place to prevent a future loss. Have an experienced guide help you through the process. Contact e-forms today to get your replacement social security card right away.



Replace Social Security Card


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