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Many people don’t know where to turn to when they need a new Social Security Card. It is usually very difficult to obtain information from government agencies’ websites. Fortunately, there are services that will help people deal with these types of situations by facilitating and simplifying bureaucracy.

Why Would You Need a Social Security Card Application Assistant?

There are situations in which a person will need a Social Security Card Replacement, for example:

  • Lost Social Security Card
  • Stolen Social Security Card
  • Damaged Social Security Card
  • Name Change on a Social Security Card

A Social Security card is mandatory for a number of things, including, in some cases, opening bank accounts, getting a new job, applying for benefits, and so on.


How to get a Social Security Card Replaced

If you had you Social Security card lost or stolen or need a name change on the Social Security card, there are a few ways to get a Social Security card replaced. The most common way is to go to your local Social Security office and apply in person. Most Americans will find their local SS office nearby their residences.


In Person

The problem with applying in person is that it could take you several hours standing in lines waiting for an agent. Over the past few years, since the crisis of 2008, government agencies have had budget cuts and employees can no longer perform any overtime work. This means that most services now take longer, and if you need to go in person, only a handful of employees are available to serve a great number of people. In the Social Security office case, sometimes it can take hours, and you would have to stay in long lines until you can actually talk to a Social Security employee.

What many people don’t know is that, even when you apply in person, you card is not issued right away. All cards are issued at a centralized location and then are mailed to applicants afterwards. This process may take up to four weeks after you process your request in person. Furthermore, if you have not brought the correct documentation with you, you will have to return to the local office in order to present the required documents and begin your application process.


SSA Online (for some states only)

Some states are now creating partnerships with the Social Security Administration so that you may fill out the application online directly with the Administration, but only a handful of states have completed their integration procedures.


Request a Social Security Card Replacement



Mail-In Requests

Then there is the mail in application. If you mail in your Social Security Card application, your card will be ready within the same timeframe as if you had applied in person. You can submit the mail in application in two ways:


1. You may fill out the SS-5 form yourself, and submit it to your local Social Security office.

2. You may use the help of a Social Security Card Replacement Application assistant.


If you elect option 1 you will need to do some research:

  • You will need to find the SS-5 form at the SSA web site.
  • You will need to find the instructions in order to fill out your form (it seems easy and straight forward, but in some cases if can be tricky).
  • You will need to find your correct local Social Security office (all forms must be sent to your correct local office).
  • You will need to submit the correct documentation – and this is the tricky part: there are several acceptable documents for different types of situation, and the instructions on the SSA website are quite confusing.

The big problem is that, even after all this trouble to get your application right, if you have made a mistake, supplied the wrong documents, or sent the application to the wrong office, the application package will be returned to you and you will have to start it again from scratch. You will have wasted two to three weeks in the process.

Social Security Card Replaced


If you select option 2 and use a Social Security Card Replacement application assistant, like, you will have to pay a small fee for their assistance, but you will get:

  • Assistance in filling out the form through an intuitive questionnaire of simplified questions adapted to your situation.
  • A pre paid label addressed to your correct Social Security Office.
  • A detailed explanation about which documents can be used in each situation.
  • Phone support in the event that you have questions regarding the application or the documentation needed by the Social Security Administration.


Peace of Mind With an Assistant

The small fee you pay will give you peace of mind in knowing that your application is correct, that the documents supplied are the correct ones, and that the package is heading to the correct address.

Companies like exist to make our lives easier and simpler so we can optimize our time and become more efficient.



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