Lost or Stolen Social Security Card

Lost or Stolen Social Security Card


You don’t think much about your Social Security card until you don’t have it available. You need this card when taking new jobs, setting up bank accounts and proving your identity for various services.

At the same time, these cards are rarely used and must be stored in secure places. Carrying them in your purse or wallet increases the risks they will be lost.

Social Security cards can be easy to misplace, but these documents are also stolen quite frequently and are in high demand by scam artists. People who steal your card can use it to create fake identities, obtain financing in your name or commit healthcare fraud. Remember to react quickly once you realize your card is missing.


Replacing a Lost Social Security Card

At e-forms, we use the fastest, easiest methods for Social Security card replacement. The longer you wait to handle this problem, the more you will risk. A lost card isn’t a small issue, either, since multiple years are often required to overcome a stolen identity. Even if your lost Social Security card winds up at the bottom of a trash bin, you’ll be limited without one. Get started right away so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Certain people can request a replacement online through the Social Security Administration website. However, if you need to make changes to your card, if you don’t have a valid state ID or driver’s license, or if you face other restrictions, your fastest, most convenient method for replacement will be by mail. Minimize delays by working with the experts. We’ll help you through every step of that process to ensure no mistakes are made.

You may also take the application forms to a Social Security office. Unfortunately, the SSA and the DMV have a lot in common. You could avoid frustrating waits and paperwork mistakes by choosing an alternative method

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Replacing a Stolen Social Security Card

A lost card can always end up in the wrong hands. If you think someone has purposefully stolen your identification, you need to move lightning fast to protect yourself. Consider all the ways someone can use your stolen Social Security card against you, including:

  • Securing copies of your birth certificate
  • Applying for a fake driver’s license in your name
  • Gaining access to your bank account
  • Applying for loans and other financial products
  • Signing up for utilities or cell phone accounts
  • Obtaining copies of your health or car insurance

If you’re afraid your Social Security card has been stolen, file a police report as soon as you notice your card is missing. Contact the Federal Trade Commission at their ID theft hotline by dialing 1-877-438-4338. Then, inform your bank and insurance agent of the theft.

Finally, place fraud alerts on your three major credit bureau accounts:

Taking these steps should ensure anyone who runs your credit will take additional steps to positively identify you before approving any requests. It also protects you from future lawsuits from creditors who failed to take those additional steps, in case someone racks up bills in your name and later refuses to pay them.

After securing your identity, apply for a Social Security card replacement by following the same steps required for replacing a lost card. In either situation, e-forms can cut down on the time and stress of obtaining new identification. Visit us online or email support@e-forms.us for help today!


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